Rochester Carbs

Item number R4-2

Chevy  Truck and station wagon Rochester Quadra Jet rebuilt carburetor
Side Fuel inlet

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90 day free warranty..

Price = $200
Refundable core charge $50
Total = $250
Base gasket $10
Top gasket $5

Shipping $20 to lower 48 States
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Texas residents add 8.5% sales tax unless you have a sales tax ID
This comes with a base gasket and top gasket. If you don’t need them we will refund the $15 gasket cost off your purchase price. 

Total = $285


..Warning: Never spray carburetor cleaner, starting fluid, diesel starting fluid or propane into any carburetor to prime it or check for vacuum leaks . Use the same gasoline you put in the tank of the vehicle or boat. Use an old fashioned oil can..!Check out the front page of this website and see how we live test our carburetors..Our secret to success is that every carburetor that we sell is tested on a live running engine before it leaves our shop All of our carburetors are completely disassembled and cleaned with an  ultrasonic machine.  All bad parts replaced..Then they are reassembled and coated with a special fuel and water resistant coating.We know when they leave here they are ready to go to work for you.Here we have for sale a rebuilt Rochester 4 barrel  carburetor with electric choke… . This is the type carburetor used on many Chevy and GMC Trucks and station wagons ..We have made it very easy with the information and pictures in every one of our ebay ads for
any good mechanic to easily determine if this carburetor will work or fit your vehicle .( buyer responsible to verify this part fits his/her application). …..To tell if this carb will fit your intake measure your bolt pattern. Also an adapter is available at your local auto parts stores to make most any carburetor fit any intake. ..They cost about $20.00 .This pattern is  4 and 1/4″ across from center of hole to center and 5 and 5/8″ from front to back.( buyer responsible to verify this part fits his/her application). . It comes with  installation tips.
. ..Why pay $30 -$50  for a junky, dirty,  nasty old used carburetor plus another $30 – $50 for a kit when
you can buy this guaranteed rebuilt carb for a little more????.. /.We guarantee this carb to work or we will repair it for  free.. $10% re-stocking fee on all approved returned items…Buyer pays all  shipping costs.. I do NOT guarantee the suitability of this item for your vehicle. _/*.. /. /. .  Buyer pays all shipping costs..
: *….We ship world wide … Shipping cost is $20  to the contiguous 48 states,  Canada $50, Alaska and Hawaii are $50. All international shipping is $95… :. Thanks for you interest.  !

Warning: Tampering with or tearing apart one of our carburetors voids the warranty;