See what our customers are saying about us:


1st class e-seller. thanks alot !!


a great company communication beyond excellent product as described perfect place


CHUCK, MANY<MANY<MANY THANKS. The Studebaker afb carb. is PERFECT NUF SAID !!!!! I thought that I would like to let you get the GOOD NEWS from a SATISFIED CUSTOMER !!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN, Bob


Mr Rosa Just was wanting to show you your work! Boat is running awesome now! Thanks Tom


a great company communication beyond excellent product as described perfect place


Thank you Chuck!
I wish you could see the size of the smile on my face right now!!!!
I already sent the payment!
God bless you for all that you do!
I wish you were close by!  I would love to come and see you!
Best Regards,


We finally got a chance to put the carbs in the car, she is running like brand new. You guys did excellent work on the carburetors ! Recommend you to anyone !

Everything I expected and more. Chuck is great to work with and delivers.

Wow, all of you are the most thorough, efficient and organized company I have ever dealt with.

Thanks for these links!!!
On 5/14/2019
Looks awesome thanks and came faster than I thought runs like a top
On 5/6/2019 2:56 PM, Jeanine  wrote:
I had your shop rebuilt my t-birds carburetor about two years ago. Literally just before you got one of those lil’ storms.
Never had a chance to tell you how happy we were (and are) with your workmanship. We had the teapot rebuilt by a competitor and a reputable t-bird parts supplier. I had also taken a try. All of these attempts failed to give us a reliable car.
On 4/5/2019  Butch  wrote:

You guys are awesome. I love the videos. I’m going to tell everyone I know about your shop. I am sending my payment now.

On 11/14/2018

Received and installed the carb with fuel regulator. What a difference it has made in my odd-fire!  Runs like a new engine. Thank you so much for your help and advice. Best to you all,  Vern


super fast great seller sorry late on this works great better then fuel inj i have


Mr Chuck,

  Was so nice to come across videos of you and Jane in-front of Lakewood Church which is across freeway from me. I really appreciate way you both are dedicated to bring Christ to people’s lives, thus showing them way to equanimity and salvation. Having been raised in former Soviet Union where religion was strictly forbidden, I have benefited from people who like you who shared Christ

12/13/17 Great shipping! Love the attention to detail on the carburator!


Just wanted to thank you,my cars is running great. The rebuild made a difference. But most of all hope everyone is well and
Made it through the storm and all is ok…..

On 7/22/2017

Hi Chuck,

It’s Installed, start right up and idle beautifully. Took her out for a 10 miles cruise, she pulled very smooth. I have it video. I did the FPR installation not bad work for a Texan ay

You Da Man!

thank you!!!!!

On 7/19/2017
This gentleman knows carburetors. A+ eBayer. Follow ALL of his advice!

On 7/12/2017

Chuck the carb I bought from you is excellent. Thanks.

Greg K.


I’ve just gotten off the phone with the Pope from nominating you for sainthood.
I just now stood outside the car to turn the key and crank, while watching my pressure gauge – my butt never touched the seat nor my feet the pedals. In less than five seconds it suddenly started flawlessly (like my new car with fuel injection) and idled perfectly. I never touched the gas pedal or the linkage. You’re a genius.
I’ll forward you the article I wrote for the national Tbird club magazine (5,000 subscriber members). It’ll be published in next month’s issue.
I also removed the points and condenser and put in Pertonix electronic spark which probably helped.
I treated myself to a new timing light and will now set the timing at 3000 RPM.
Thanks again. I might actually start to like driving this car again.


Thank you for all the great support and Holley carburetor works great a 5 star


Chuck And Employees,

Wow! Where Do I Begin? This Company Is One Of Very Few! In Restoring Several Cars, I Have Not Come Accross A Company Like This In Many Years! This Company Is More Professional,Truthful, Honest And Helpful Than Any Company That I Have Deal With For Many Years! The Employees Communicated With Me As Soon As They Received My Carburetor, Even When It Was A Late Friday Afternoon, Almost Quitting Time To Assure Me That They Had Received My Carburetor. They Stayed In Constant Contact With Me From Beginning To End, Giving Me Options And Suggestions To Educate Me On Today’s Problems With 50 Year Old Carburetors And Today’s Fuel. With Being 63 Years Old And Dealing With Cars All My Life, I Can Say That I Have Never Had A Better Experience With A Company Than I Have Had With Carburetors And More! I Just Can Not Say Enough About This Company! I Would Very Highly Recommend This Company To Anyone And Very Proud To Deal With A Company That Will Witness To Their Customers And Has God As Their CEO!

Thank You So Very Much !!!



I am very impressed with your service and with the overall business model. It is AWESOME for a novice like me. I see my carb malfunction and then I see it rebuilt and working. Plus I will get it back with step by step videos on how to put it back to use. Thank you so much for your work. I am a member of the Ford Galaxie Club of America and will definitely be sharing my positive reviews with my club members and their over 4500 Facebook members!

Thanks again.



Just wanted to say thanks for a great carb but was more surprised when I opened the box and got a daily devotional same one I have and the little inspirational script about the help we all truly need in Jesus.awesome guys wish everyone would do such little things like that which means so much.god bless you and your business and employees..thanks keep up the passing on of gods word.even if it touches one more soul it touched mine.


I just wanted to say thank you for getting the Carburetor to me, it works yea!!!! And I really appreciate the materials that was included in our package, it’s not everyday that you find Jesus in a package that you open!
Thank you so much!


I really want to comment on the videos you do. Well worth it where I can actually see what’s going on live!



Just got the carburetor installed back into the 1940 Packard, along with your recommended pressure regulator. It is now purring like a kitten. Thank you!


 I received my rebuilt carburetor today in very good condition, thank you for your quick delivery. I have not installed it as yet as I need to check my pump pressure and proceed as instructed. I also want thank you for the Christen literature that you sent, I will put the [take my hand not my life] poster on our bulletin board at our church [ Kenly Missionary Baptist Church] In Kenly NC, also thanks for the info on Buzz Aldrin and the Our Daily Bread.
Your Brother in Christ


Great transaction, quick shipping. Thank you for communication and pamphlets.


Chuck, you are amazing!  I can’t remember the last time I had service like this – I mean ANY service, ANY industry.  Your prompt response after received my 1980’s era MerCruiser Rochester 2bbl marine carb and thorough explanation of the issue on a video, really set my mind at ease and gave me instant confidence that I had sent it to the right guy (I can’t believe you called so quickly, I just sent the carb day before yesterday!!).  And to be able to turn it around so quickly – simply amazing!  Everyone I know will hear about this experience. p.s. I noticed a sticker on the side of one of the carbs on your website – kinda looked like it had a cross on it but I couldn’t really tell from the angle.  If you’re a Christ follower Chuck, just more proof I sent it to the right guy.  We’re involved with Central Christian Church, Gilbert campus.


1/8/2016 Hello, received my order shipped to tahiti. Carburetor now installed and functioning perfectly, i appreciate your proficiency as well as the quality of your work, best regards, jean-

12/30/2015 The video is excellant, very professional and your efforts are very much appreciated. People with your level of knowledge and expertise are very hard to come by nowadays. I guess it will be international shippping.

Thanks and God bless you


11/30/2015 Works great and best of all it came from Christian owned business!


Excellent carb. Works flawless I highly recommend for anybody


fast shipping to germany, best seller, carb. runs after adjusting like new.


Awesome find great price fast ship


thanx for the great carb, appreciate your professionalism, would buy from again.


Fast shipment to Germany!! Good Job! Thanks a lot. Cadillac 66 rebuilt Carter Carburetor

6/17/2015 Hello and thank you !!!! I love my restored 1934 plymouth carburetor. It starts and runs like a dream, I am glad i found you. I,also
thank you for being a believer in our Lord. God bless you.


They sound awesome. thanks Chuck. tell the guys in the shop they did a great job.


Great seller! Awesome communication. Recommend if you need a carb.


Nice carb, fast shipping, great seller. Thank you

WOW….what excellent service. Really appreciate you getting me fixed up. Jerry


Thank you Jane,
and thank Chuck for me for his expertise and dedication to his craft. It’s good to know that people like him are around to help people like me…..

Perfect Deal, great shape, like new, well packed, fast shipping! THANK YOU!!!

Awesome carburetor runs great Thanks A+


Perfect Deal, great shape, like new, well packed, fast shipping! THANK YOU!!!


Just as described. Recommended to all. AAA+ rating. New life for my old truck


Good products, safe shipment to Germany, thanks a lot.


Very fast shipping ..and the carb look better than the pictures


LIGHTNING FAST SHIPPING! Awesome communications. Fantastic seller. A++


great product, extremely quick shipping and delivery


EX Carburetor! Started, idled, and ran perfectly the first time!






EX Carburetor! Started, idled, and ran perfectly the first time!


Fast shipping and very helpful tips on setup EDELBROCK rebuilt carburetor 750 CFM with electric choke


It is Beautiful, Thanks Holley 600 CFM Double Pumper rebuilt Carburetor


Video says it all , fast secure shipping , Thanks!

Holley 800 CFM rebuilt Carburetor spread bore Double pumper #6910


came super fast, package extremely well, w instructions/new gasket, very pleased


Fast pay, no drama. I would sell this guy one of my kidneys.


The carb works great! Nice to know that I am supporting Jesus guys! One of these days we’ll meet on the other side.

Fast responsive and a work of art Highly recommend


Just wanted to say thank you for the prompt shipping, but most of all, thank you for the encouraging booklet you sent. Sincerely, Allen


Just wanted to tell you what an outstanding carb rebuild. It purrs like a kitten. This is the first reman carb I have bought and NOT had to tweek it!!! Thank You


I received the carb on Friday. Installed it Sunday. It runs GREAT! And looks
good to. I took the car out for a 50 mile cruise yesterday afternoon mostly
cruising at 70 mph. Ran like a top!
Thanks again



Thanks for the good job on the Rochester carb. I’m Dale Eliot from Goliad, Tx. Truck runs great, as now I can set the idle. Thanks for sending the booklet and other gospel literature.  I was saved as a teenager, we go to a Cowboy Church here in Goliad. Good to see others getting the Word out.


Thank you soo much for the prompt shipping. Arrived yesterday & installed last night. I now need to change my plugs due to being fouled from old carb overfueling. I like all the bonus info inside, that’s so cool. I have the daily bread daily email on my phone, but I will pass this one off to someone.


Thanks, This is my second Carb. from you guys. I was so happy with the first one I bought  about 18 months back, I am going after this second one for my new 340 Mopar build.  I like how they come mostly set up– saves me hours of head aches! Thanks for the quick shipping! only top notch reviews from me to you!    P.S. keep the truth flowing with your ministry as well! It will be the only thing that really matters in the end. Jed


Loved the video.. Hope the old  400 cu Ford, with a Flat bed comes back to life.

Carb was cracked on the choke pot. Only way I could find a choke pot was to by a carb

For 150. While searching saw your test video and I was sold.

Thanks again.


Cannot wait to get item ! Fast shipping and very nice seller. Video = assuring !

Thank you so much for that Carter AFB 500 carburetor you send to me in sweden. is the best carburetor i ever had..
edelbrock can go in the dumpster..

my chevy impala 63 runs and start like a dream with your carburetor.
and when i put the pedal to the metal its just kick of..
its crazy, it fits my new reubilt 327 perfect…

thank you again, i will buy more carbs from you…
friendly regards, THE CRAZY SWEDE, Benz

On 12/19/2013 4:05 PM, Deby H wrote:
Thought you might like to know the carburetors came today and my husband is
thrilled with them.  Thank you
Deby H

On 12/5/2013
Thank you. You are great to do business with.

On September 12, 2013

recieved carburetor yesterday, and was impressed with the workmanship . It is certainly a great pleasure to deal with real people. Your helpful tips, and just plain neighborly ways make you unusual in this day and age . Please keep up the good work . Larry grimm, Grimm machine and model.

June 7, 2013

work perfectly, you do good job on the carburator, thanks

June 7, 2013

I am very impressed on how quick I recieved my carburator. Absolute professional

June  7, 2013

Just a note to say thank you for your great work and quick turnaround.  I loved your mailing label.  I showed it to several of my friends and they loved it.  In this politically correct world, it is good to see someone who will voice their believes and stand up for what they believe and what is right.  As stated before, if you are ever in our neck of the woods, you are more than welcome and we would love to meet you and yours.  God bless you. Chuck

June 6, 2013

Chuck, I just received my carburetor 15 minutes ago… Thank You Very Much it looks absolutely Beautiful I am wrapping the core to send you back. Further compliments will follow once I have it installed it & when I get my regulator… I really appreciate how you spoke with me on the phone about interesting matters to the latest pump fuel out there and things that I didn’t even consider till we talked. I have learned but never as much as I continue trying to about carburetors.  Thanks again it is a pleasure doing business with you. I hope you are planning to be around a long, long time I have several more projects and believe I found my Carburetor Expert !
 Once again I really appreciate your information, confident professionalism as well as your kind treatment.
 There aren’t many guy’s like you left.

June 4,2013

Thank you so much! Very informative. Everything looks great and I’m am amazed how fast your turn around is.  I’ll never look elsewhere for my carburetor needs.  Thank you again, please let me know if I owe you any more!

May 7, 2013-

Looks like a great detective job! Your website and the processes you have in place sold me on you!

Thanks for taking the extra step in finding something wrong!

Much appreciated!


May 1, 2013-

    My 1940 LaSalle carburetor works fine although it did leak fuel when the electric fuel pump first filled it up. You had mentioned that that might happen. Thanks for your help and it’s also nice to know somebody that still has some religious thoughts and is willing to share them. I don’t know what this country is coming to but I hope there’s people like you to help save us before it’s to late.   Be well   Ray      (pacific coast classics)

April 22, 2013- fast postage and great packaging, thanks for the religious propaganda

April 22, 2013 – Nice item and quick shipping – Buicks rule!!! 76 Buick Rochester Quadra jet carburetor

April 17, 2013 good part, quick ship. may god bless you. thanks

April 10, 2013 -Thank you very grateful with the carburetor.AAAAAAAAA+++++++++++

April 10, 2013-This is the most competent Carb. builder I have ever dealt with BAR NONE Quality!

April 12, 21013 -this seller puts out a better carb than new! i made a small idle change,thats it

October 26, 2012- Got 2 from Oreilly that Didn’t work. YOURS WORKED PERFECT.

September 10, 2012 –

Chuck, I couldnt be happier with the carb.  Thanks for the quick refund on the core.  I’ll never use anyone but you now bud.  If you could send me some cards Id be more than glad to pass them out at my shop and at my Camaro club monthly metting.
 Thanks again,

August 10 – HEY! The carb worked great!!!  Boat runs perfect!  Going out again today..

today 8th august the total order was recieved intact. thank you very very much i have been trying to get another predator for years yippee its exactly what i wanted for the car im building for a world record attempt for the worlds fastest naturally aspirated six cylinder over 1/4 mile. i meant to ask you do you have any business stickers to put on the car and tool box ?  i also agree with your statement about gey marriage but dont understand why its important to them as marriage is a union between man and woman exclusivly to populate gods earth in gods way not for same sex couples whatever that is its not marriage also i object to the word gay that is a persons name or a happy time if they are so proud of who they are why do they change their calling from homosexual to gay, thats like calling a murder a permenent sleep facilitator just to tick the boxes on their release from prison.

On 8/4/2012 Terry wrote:

Thanks for the excellent service!  And the Utube thing is soooo cooool! I'm telling all my boating buddies about you guys.
FYI:  I have a carb on there now that I paid $279.00 for & it never ran right.. I'm convinced, most people in California are total flakes..
Anyway, have a good week-end.
Thank you 

On 7/24/2012 4:14 PM, Keith  wrote:
Hi, as you know I had you send the carburetor to my brother for installation and he wanted me to tell you how impressed he was with your rebuild. He has been around and fixed vehicles his whole life and until now has never installed a part in particular a carburetor right out of the box that performed so well. So from the both of us we thank you and your company very  much and will not hesitate to use you again if needed and to tell anyone we know about your service.

Keith & Jerry

On 6/6/2012

Hi Chuck & Jane,

The carburetors arrived before 10:30 this morning! The first thing I noticed was how well they were packed. The second thing I noticed was a business card for Wild West Soul Winning. I just checked out the site. Thanks for sharing your story. Believe it or not, even in liberal Massachusetts, I similarly prayed to invite the Lord into my life but at the age of 15, then rebelled. After almost destroying my life, I returned to the Lord in 1976. What a great testimony for the Lord how you honor Jesus in what you do for a living. Your service is awesome.

I recently bought a 1980 Bertram (picture attached…you’ll see why I sent it, the 2nd photo is the previous owner with a 900lb Blue Fin Tuna). I am getting ready to join-in the fun in the Blue Fin Tuna waters off the Massachusetts coast. I have been fishing since I was 2 years old but have not had a boat big enough to get the big tuna. That has changed this year.

The first time out this season one of the engines died. Then the other. Not a fun trip but we anchored and prayed and they both started so we could get in. Thank the Lord!

Don’t know a lot about carburetors yet, but I know it was leaking gas into the engine while off and flooding. I was going to buy the kits and have someone else more experienced restore it…until I found your site Sunday night! Once I get to the boat in the next couple of days, I will have them on the engines in minutes and will let you know how it goes. Then I’ll return the existing carbs to you.

Thanks again, your brother in the Lord…


On 5/28/2012

Chuck, I received the rebuilt carb and installed it yesterday. I found the problem to be my fuel pump after disassembling it. However it’s reassuring to know I have a professionally rebuilt carb that should last me another 10 years or more without trouble.
Thanks for the quick shipping and I am always delighted to see a business that is not ashamed to share Christ’s love and promote keeping this Nation God centered. As an Army officer of 28 years it warms my heart knowing that my God given mission in the military was not in vain and there are still some great Americans that love God and want to keep this Nation as the founding fathers intended it to be. ONE NATION UNDER GOD.
I have package up my old carb and will be sending it to you. May God continue to bless your business.

 On 4/18/2012

I want to thank you for the fine job you did rebuilding my Rochester Quadrajet carb. As far as I’m concerned, it works better than when it was new.  I was also amazed at the turn-around. You got the carb on Monday, April 9, 2012 and sent it back completed the next day. Absolutely outstanding.
Thanks again

On 3/29/20102

Hey Chuck, the carb works great!! Thanks and God Bless!!


On 326/2012

Hi Jane & Chuck

I am writing to thank you both once again for both for your excellent service and great product. The carburettor is now fitted and working perfectly so I am a very happy bunny!

It was a pleasure to deal with you, the price was right, the service fantastic and the communication superb, you both deserve great success in business and I will be more than happy to act as a referee in the future if that is ever required.

On 2/3/2012   Sanders said Hey guys , received the carb I ordered a few weeks back .  It fit like a glove and works as advertised.  Am very pleased with the total experience.

On 12/10/2011 Jerry said Carburetor received, installed and working perfectly. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

11/25/2011 Received the carb. today in good shape. Thanks for all your courtesy. Thanks also for being Christian. Happy Thanksgiving.

9/05/2011 thanks  for the tip. I got a new fuel line and nut locally. GTO runs great. Thanks for another outstanding rebuild. Definitely will recommend to others. Charlie

9/02/2011 OK, thank you.  I’m just an old-fashioned money order kind of guy.  Thanks again.  The carb works perfectly.  I was going to sell the old truck, but now I’ll keep it.

6/6/2011 Thanks, a pleasure to do business with, car is running great, thanks for all your professional expertise-bob

5/13/2011 – Just wanted to let you know the Rochester Dual Jet that you sent me is working great.  I paid someone to put it on and they had no complaints.  My Son’s classic Pontiac Grand Prix seems to be running better than ever.  Thank you. Sherman

Item as described, excellent packaging, fast shipping satisfied customer. Holley 390 CFM 4 barrel rebuilt carburetor with E Choke.

Getting 9 MPG better with the 390 vs. a  600 on a 307 Single Barrel Carburetor

On 2/22/2011

Dear Jane and Chuck, I received the carburetor, looks good, I’d like to say thanks again. It’s also good to know that there are still people that are not afraid to say that they are believers in GOD. We are a nation founded on the Writing’s in the bible. It’s sad that our leaders and media try to make us forget. I wont.
Thanks  again,
SFC retired, Shannon

On 2/22/2011

Hi folks,
just want to let you know that your Carter AVS arrived today.  I installed it right out og the box and my Cordoba runs like it should. No adjustments needed except for a too fast idle. I’m absolutely thrilled of your good work. Many thanks, Pascal- Luxembourg/Europe

On 2/12/2011  Forrest  wrote: Chuck, Finally got around to getting the 85 Silverado going again. The carb was just awesome.  It looked brand new in your well packed shipping box.  One minor adjustment for the choke (very cold winter this year) and it runs like it did in 85!!  I got horsepower, speed, and it just sounds good.  Many thanks to you and your staff. It is obvious that you guys put your name on your work.    Proud member of the 81%.   Forrest from KY

I purchased a predator carb from you and thought I would pass on some kudos. I had a holley double pumper on my 454 with a weiand 177. What a pain. wouldnt idle, surged, the whole bit! Installed the predator from you and on the first start, it fired right up and IDLED! PERFECTLY! I was amazed, to say the least. You guys did a great job! I’ve heard that people have problems tuning predators. Well mine was right on! Thank you.


Thank you for your excellent service, if possible I will definitely do business with you again!!!



Just received the Carter 600cfm with manual choke yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for the quick shipping and great communication.  I installed it on my Ford 400 engine and it works just like you said it would.  I also appreciate the material you included with the carb.  It is very refreshing to deal with honest, Christian folks who care about what they sell.  Thanks again.
Carl 10-29-2010
I just wanted to let you know that I finally got the chance to put on the edelbrock 600 cfm manual choke carb that I got from you and it ran like a beauty. I also wanted to say that you guys are the best and it is not the last time I buy from you guys.
Thank You,
Hi Chuck,
I just wanted to follow up and thank you for your prompt and wonderful service.  I got the carburetor back today and it looks great. Heck, it looks brand new. 🙂  I can’t wait to pop it in and take the car for a spin.   Again, thank you so much!

Excellent quality, makes the engine purr like a kitten. good safe delivery too.

Holley single barrel rebuilt carburetor 64 Ford st 6 cyl

Chuck – just a few minutes ago the Fed Ex man delivered the carb. My grandson is so excited that we had to open it at once.  The first thing I noticed that you had a note: God Bless our Christian Nation – 81% Christian—–0.5 Muslim. Nowadays Americans are not proud to be Americans. It is refreshing to note that someone like you still patriotic. I escaped from Communism and I pray every day that the Good Lord gave me an opportunity to become an American. This is the greatest country on earth.
My grandson looked through your Drummer book and is already reading it. You are not only an expert in carbs but an author.
Tomorrow we will put the carb on our 70 Mustang Mach I and I am sure it will run like a champ. I am glad that I had the opportunity to talk with you on the phone.
Thank You

I got the carb and was so happy it is running great on my old 83 k2500 4×4. I’ve been restoring this truck and things have been tight uns really gave me a good deal. I’m a single dad that got laid off not to long ago and found uns by the grace of god. Thanks for the book not many business have the love of God in there company. I’ve been raised Baptist but have been visiting a friends church in flag pond Tennesse. Jeanny more Presbeterian it is one of the oldest churches in the area. and God has blessed them with people that just glow with the love of the lord.  Thank u again keep up the fight he has never forgotten us we should stand for him. Just remember God is love for all. uns will be in the prayers of my family god bless u guys and ur work. iI’s nice to get what u pay for and in this case then some.  May God bless u and ur family thanks Michael  Jonesborough TN.

Thanks for the carb it works great.. few minor adjustments to the idle and makes the derby car run like a new one..thanks again


Hi Chuck,
Just wanted to say thanks on the 2barrel rochester. It works great. It’s the center carb on a 3 deuce setup. So it is the main one. Thanks again,
Just wanted to tell you I put your carburetor on my truck the other day and it fired right up and idles very well. I took the truck for a drive and could not be more pleased with the carburetor. I also shipped my core carb back to you so it should be arriving so.
Thank You,

Chuck, Got the carb put it on the boat and it has never ran that good.  Great job. I am sending core out today. Thanks for all the help.


God Bless.

Hi Chuck, I received the carb yesterday as you stated from the tracking info. My wife and I are Jesus followers as well, it was nice to see your way of spreading the gospel. Gives me some new ideas. I should have thought to ask you to send me abase gasket as well. On that subject, do you know if GM made a car that came with that style base gasket? It is so much easier and less expensive to buy parts for a sixty something chevy from autozone than a 96 boat from a marina. I got about half way through “The Drummer” last night. Great way to send out the message of the cross. Thanks Jimmy

Chuck and Jane, my name is Ernie and I wanted to thank you for an awesome product!! I received my carb today and with a little extra instruction from Chuck, (thank you) I had it installed and running better than the old ford has ran in many years!!!! if I ever need another carb you will be my go to people and I will tell every one I know what good work you do! thank’s again and god bless!

Chuck and Jane are awesome! The carb works great. Thank You.

Thank you so much. All arrived safely and intact. (Probably because of the wonderful way you packed it in there) Also, thank you for the book. With God being ignored by so many, it is nice to hear from another who believes. 🙂
God Bless
Jeff and Glenda

Chuck and Jane are awesome! The carb works great. Thank You.

Just letting you know that the carbies arrive here in Australia today
Safe and sound ! They look great !  Many thanks from Australia

Toby wrote:

I just wanted to say thank you the carb works great I am very happy

Just want to say thank you for the carburetor I purchased from you recently. It is absolutely beautiful and runs perfectly.You will be the first I refer others to, and the first I will come back to.

 God Bless,


Helena, Montana

EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORKS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!! WILL PURCHASE AGAIN !!!!!!!

easy to work with thanks for your instructions
I liked the sticker on the fuel bowl. Excellent workmanship. A+++seller…Thanks
Looks new.Holley 390 to 410 CFM rebuilt carburetor with E choke

Great looking carbureator! I love the message about Christ in the package!

Looks great thanks fast shipping great packaging

I wanted to let you know I got the carburetor tonight and that it arrived in great shape, I can’t wait to get it on my car.  I also wanted to say thank you for the extras you put in for me, it is a very nice touch as well as a welcomed touch.  I will be sure to pass you on along to anyone whom is looking for a good carb at a great price from some good God and Country loving folks, in this day and age it is certainly welcomed and needed!
I liked the sticker on the fuel bowl. Excellent workmanship.  Holley 350 CFM rebuilt carburetor 2 barrel #7448

Very nice carb! Works just like a dream right out of the box. AFB Carter rebuilt 500 CFM carburetor with man choke

Would recommend this seller. A+ customer service and product.EDELBROCK rebuilt carburetor 600 CFM with E choke 1406

Awesome product and superior shipping!!! AFB Carter rebuilt 625 carburetor with electric choke

Very pleased with my purchase … works great! EDELBROCK rebuilt carburetor 600 CFM with M choke #1405


no problems, excellent – EDELBROCK rebuilt carburetor 600 CFM with E choke 1406


thanks, started right up – EDELBROCK rebuilt carburetor 600 CFM with E choke 1406


Fast shipping great item – Rochester Dualjet E2ME rebuilt carburetor computer


runs good – EDELBROCK rebuilt carburetor 750 CFM with elec choke


Accurate description, FAST SHIPPING, GREAT VALUE!!!! A+ AVS Carter rebuilt carburetor Thermo Quad replacement


Mr Rosa,

Thanks for the prompt refund for the carburetor core.  The carburetor you sent works like a champ…thank you for that also!  Most of all, I want to thank you for sharing the good news along with the carburetor.  I follow Christ as well and want to tell you that I appreciate your example and encouragement.

Dan Maruyama
Mr Rosa

I would like to say to you and everyone at your shop that I received the first carb today. I bolted it on and cranked my 350 chevy over and she fired right up. A little timing adjustment and we are dialed in!! Thank you I cant wait to get the other carb I ordered. I am sure my son will be just as HAPPY!!!! I will most definately call on you for my future carb needs.

Thanks a million

Robert S. Belmer Sr

Mr Rosa

Just dropping a quick line to you and everyone at your shop.Received my 2nd Holley carb today and installed it while the customer watched. Hooked up everything and that baby fired right up. Thanks again for everything and keep up the great work. Your customer in Waukesha Wisconsin

Bob Belmer Sr.

I have received the carb. back and have installed it and I am very happy

with it.

I believe that it was the problem and it is working fine.

Thanks for the great job and I am spreading the word of your company to

my friends.


    I purchased a Rochester R1a bimetal choke rebuilt carburetor sometime in December of ’07 (order number 12241).  I finally got around to putting it on the ’58 Chevy Belair yesterday (6/1).  Worked as advertised!!!  The smile on my fathers face when we pressed on the accelator and NO hesitation, was priceless – just like the commercial.  I know you rebuild carburators, but would you give it a try on the original carburator that was on this car?   Thanks,  Fred Keck”

“I have received the carb. back and have installed it and I am very happy with it. I believe that it was the problem and it is working fine. Thanks for the great job and I am spreading the word of your company to my friends.  Chris Becker”

“Hey, wanted to send you some feedback.  Received the carburetor I ordered in excellent shape, and installed it on my Ford 351 engine.  No issues with stuck floats or flooding/overflowing or anything like that.  The engine just started and idled smoothly.  It has unbelievable throttle response.  On the lake, it runs like a scalded cat!

Thanks for the quick shipping, good price, and excellent product.  I’ll get the core shipped out soon.”  Anthony

“Hello again, just wanted to let you know my carb arrived, everything

looks great, so time to bolt her on and go. Thanks again, Jason.”


My R1A Rochester arrived yesterday, after only four business days.

Since this wasn’t an Ebay purchase, I couldn’t leave feedback there. I just wanted to let you know that I was surprised and impressed it could

get here so quickly. Also, it looks great! I look forward to put it on the engine soon.

Thanks again, it was nice doing business with you and I will recommend

you at the some of the internet forums i visit regularly (unless you are already too busy).

Kind regards,

Jim Gahnfelt


“Hi Chuck  – Just wanted to say thanks for the great pair of carbs!! Fired the big block mopar up for the first time Saturday and she just ran and idled perfect with no adjustments needed!! I thought this was increadable since I am using the loooo-ng rams off a 413 on a 400. Thanks again and I will be sure and recommend you in the future” Dana Bausch bausch enterprises

“Thank you so much I just have not seen it yet, And the carb works great it never ran better, thank you so much”

“Thank you very much.  I appreciate all the help chuck gave me.  I will recommend you highly for anyone who needs a carburetor. Mark”

“Thank you so much.  Tell your husband I said thanks for his Help.  WhenI return from My deployement I will like to call and personally think you. Thanks Again Richard”

“I received the Carburator and installed it and started right up! Thanks soooooooooooo much!” The Coles in Idaho

“A++ Highly Recommend. Went above and beyond to assist!!”-e4fifty4-had a carb sent in to be rebuilt.

“A COMPANY OF THEIR WORD THANK YOU VERY MUCH AAAAAA+++prostreet 71z28-Holley rebuilt 750 carburetor with manual choke.

“Real fast quick & in a hurry shipping w/ good parts xatly what wuz ordered thanx”-Garland 5611- Holley 800 CFM Double pumper rebuilt carburetor.

“Chuck,I wanted to let you know the carb arrived quickly and it’s on the car and running great! Thanks Again, John”

“exactly as auctioned good part good fit fast ship Thx gdog”
Zbird said “Excellent service! Quick turnaround. Thanks!!” – Carburetor rebuilding service.

“Got the carb today for my boat. I just installed it and tested it out and it runs perfect, its a 15 year old boat and runs like its brand new, thanks a lot!” – Russ – Holley 600 CFM Boat Marine

Rudel515 said “Beautiful carb and A++ packing. will be doing business again! THANKS” –  AFB Carter rebuilt 625 with manual choke

“Very good carb work, installed it adjusted the jets and ran great, Fast delivery” –

Thanks for the help you saved the day” – 2 rebuilt predator carburetors

“Item arrived safely with no problems. Waiting to use item” Edelbrock 600 CFM carburetor”Item as described and shipped on time. what more could you ask for” – 2 rebuilt AFB Carter  500 CFM matched carburetor pair

“Fast shipping great product” – Holley 600 CFM Double Pumper.

“Works good on my sons thank for the great service” – Holley 600 CFM Manual Choke

“Great Carb PERFECT!… Just As Described!!! Quick S+H A+++++ Seller!!!! Thanks.” – rebuilt AFB Carter 625 with electric choke

“Carburetor was just as described, super fast shipping, A++++ seller”- AVS Carter rebuilt 750 carburetor

“Excellent carb saved me 200 bucks! thanks Damon” – AVS Carter rebuilt 650 CFM carburetor

“Fast Shipping Great Transaction Item Better than described thanks” – Holley 750 CFM with manual choke

“Thanks so much for the professional service. I bolted the new carb. on and it worked great. Thanks so Much. I will spread the word to everyone I know about your web site.  Merry Christmas.”

“Excellent Carb. Thanks for the quick shipping and fine work.” – Holley 600 CFM with electric choke

“Received it quickly and safetly. Looks good, clean and almost new!!!” – Holley 600 CFM with manual choke